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Goodbye Cheshire

I'm no longer a student!  I finished my studies in June and I've now started getting out with the camera far more frequently.  One of the first places to go was Yorkshire.  Yorkshire, specifically the Yorkshire moors and coast, is a favourite place of mine.  I think my love originates from trips to see my family and, later, walking trips around the area including camping at a beautiful place at Robin Hoods Bay.  Waking up in my sleeping bag and looking at how my blue tent was now orange was a weird moment from that particular trip.  My blue tent was being illuminated by one of the most beautiful sunrise skies in all of history (OK, maybe a tad of exaggeration).  And did I say I didn't have my camera?!  There was nothing else to do other than pull back the flysheet and eat flapjack for breakfast.  That was a good morning.

I had the opportunity to go back recently with good company, hot chocolate, whisky and jaffa cakes.

Robin Hoods Bay isn't the biggest place in the w…

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