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A bit of a late posting but I wanted to show you what I've done in the last few weeks.  First it snowed near us some time ago, then it was Easter and the sun came out and I was not going to sit around and do college work.  Out with the camera.
Rook on the bird feeders in the snow 

Very fast little Goldcrest

Short Eared Owl habitat

Short Eared Owl

Blossom on the trees - spring might be closer than we think...

The Rook image was taken in the snow.  I saw the snow settling in the garden so I got some fat balls out on the ground and knew that there had been a Rook going for the feeders a few days earlier.  I got settled flat on the snow (yep, I was in the snow).  However, this Rook caught me a bit be surprise as they are very skittish if they see movement... Not easy to hide when you're angling a lens towards them from the ground!  In photoshop, I actually removed the top of the two feeders that hang off this pole as they didn't quite fit in.

The Goldcrest image, I will confess, was captured using a small recording of a Goldcrest to allow me to get that little bit closer to this pair of Goldcrests.  After a few minutes, I left them alone trying not to cause them too much aggravation.

The Short Eared Owls were taken on Easter Sunday morning on one of the most peaceful photography sessions of my life.  Unfortunately, it looks like the farmer who owns the fields is going to convert the whole area to agriculture and the Owls will probably be gone from this area - such a shame.  The habitat shot had a small Crow removed from off the wire (just so you know that Owls aren't the only birds to see there).

The blossom is a little different to what I normally do.  I shot with the sun behind whilst it was diffused by a cloud and upped the colour temperature - I don't know why I did that, to be honest.

Hope that you like these...



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